Greetings from the new chairman

May 26, 2015

TANAKA, Hideho, Ph.D.

Dean, Professor
Shibaura Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Engineering Management (MOT)

TANAKA, Hideho, Ph.D.
TANAKA, Hideho, Ph.D.
President of the J-MOT

For the next two years, I will be committing myself to leading the Japan Association of Professional Graduate School of Technology Management (J-MOT) as a chairman in cooperation with members of the J-MOT.

It has been 12 years since the MOT professional graduate schools were founded in 2003. In the meantime, the significance of MOT has increased still more. However, the number of MOT students has made only small increase. It is required to boost the social recognition of MOT and J-MOT is at the focus of the mission. As a chairman, I will try hard for a development of MOT and would like to ask for your support.